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Welcome to Coxsackie NYF!

Coxsackie will receive $4.5 million in funding as one of the Capital Region's winner of NY Forward funding!

New York State's NY Forward (NYF) grant program is the cornerstone of the State's economic development program. The NYF program is transforming downtown neighborhoods into vibrant centers that offer a high quality of life and are magnets for redevelopment, business, job creation, and economic and housing diversity. These compact, walkable downtowns are a key ingredient to helping New York State rebuild its economy from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to achieving the State’s bold climate goals by promoting the use of public transit and reducing dependence on private vehicles.

About Coxsackie

The village name, Coxsackie (pronounced Cook-sah-kie), is a variant of the Native American word mak-kachs-hack-ing, which is generally translated as Hoot-owl place or place of many owls.


The village's main street corridor, designated a National Historic District in 1980, features well preserved 1800s Italianate-style brick storefront buildings. The village was once home to brick foundries, ice houses (harvesting ice from the river), and the American Valve Company. Although these industries are gone, and you will still see some vacant and empty storefronts there are signs of a lovingly restored downtown houses and buildings.


People are starting to appreciate the historic character and close connection to nature that Coxsackie has to offer. And NY State has recently begun investing in Coxsackie by granting local developers funds to renovate and develop some long-abandoned buildings located on S. River Street. An event venue, 80 room boutique hotel, and wood fired pizza/Pub-Fare restaurant are almost complete. Riverside Park was also updated and enhanced over thelast year in partnership with NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

The appeal of Downtown Coxsackie is apparent the minute you start down Mansion Street with the first glimpse of the magnificent Hudson River over the tree tops; the experience only gets better upon arrival on Reed Street.

Serving as the spine of Coxsackie’s National Historic District, Reed Street is a quintessential downtown street with angled parking on one side, sidewalks, streetlights, and a backdrop of 2-3 story historic buildings of brick and stone.

Once outside of the car, downtown Coxsackie is so compact that one can experience fully its diverse offerings within a five (5) minute walk in any direction. Whether it is strolling the sidewalks, walking along the Hudson River in the newly renovated state park, enjoying coffee or tea in one of two coffee shops, attending a wedding or other dynamic social event, staying in the soon to
be completed Newbury Hotel enjoying the Wire Event Center, or shopping in the small retail shops, downtown Coxsackie
is both magical and comfortably familiar.

This spirit of collaborative placemaking is the driving force behind Coxsackie’s recent reemergence as a Hudson River
destination. Forward-looking, intentional planning efforts have laid the groundwork for revitalization of downtown. These
have been supported by a broad coalition of lifelong Coxsackians, village elected leaders, and new transplants across the
demographic and economic spectrum that have brought a renewed spirit of collaboration.

The NYF Boundary



"The Village of Coxsackie aims to leverage its natural beauty and historic downtown to create a safe, vibrant, and beautiful ‘front porch’ on the Hudson River. Our waterfront community will be a dynamic destination for visitors and a nurturing home for families, offering an abundance of recreation opportunities, art and cultural activities, and a unique mix of accessible and affordable housing and retail.”




Develop local arts & cultural activities ​

  • Support the growth of year-round arts and cultural attractions and events.​

  • Support historic cultural programs and institutions that provide programming important to the history of Coxsackie and broader region.​

Leverage open space and Hudson River to provide abundance of recreation opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages ​

  • Invest in building a connected network of inviting and accessible public spaces throughout downtown, with Riverside Park as the key anchor.​

  • Support continued investments in improving the Hudson River waterfront for public use.

Provide community gathering and recreation spaces for all ages and backgrounds​

  • Integrate child-friendly safety considerations into infrastructure, open space, and building design efforts.​

  • Support local programs and projects geared towards children and families.

Provide greater housing options and affordability to grow the full-time community ​

  • Facilitate the creation of high-quality housing that serves residents of varying ages and incomes.​

  • Support the renovation and activation of mixed-use spaces that increase local housing options.​

Support local food & beverage and commerce to reactivate the historic downtown buildings 

  • Attract and support small businesses that serve key local and regional market demands.​

  • Create a sense of place while honoring the historic downtown through the integration of wayfinding, public art, street furniture, and landscaping.


Improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists on public roads and sidewalks 

  • Repair disconnected pedestrian networks across downtown, especially sidewalks, safe crossings, and curbs.​

  • Invest in opportunities to repurpose areas underutilized by vehicles to facilitate more safe and sustainable modes of transportation.​

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